All my life, and possibly yours too, we have been sold the idea of people who possess supernatural strength and skills that are out of this world. Perhaps the world is hurting but it is certain our world is hungry for heroes; people who can create magical moments and manifest phenomenal abilities. The effect is that we have created a world within our world, a place of fantasy and fairy tales,  where mutants exist and  supernatural beings like Iron and Spider man can rescue us from the self inflicted harm of man or science.



What if I told you that you too can save the day, that you can cause a change and you can ultimately make a difference? Ok, so perhaps yours won’t be as dramatic as taking off to the sky to rescue an airplane before it crashes into the Atlantic but you really do not need a jump suit with a big bold S on it to inspire hope or to leave a lasting legacy.



The truth is that, life has no real avenger series, there is only you and I and the choices we make to change our world.



Right now, you can decide to unlock your super powers , tap into your inner strength and save the world in the immediate space that you occupy.



Here are some qualities of super heroes to imbibe:



1. Believe in something: Super heroes are people who believe in justice and order, who stand for hope and believe in their dreams, whether it is for world peace or for a green environment, whether for racial equality or for women emancipation, whether its for a new political era or even just for the right to wear red blouses on school days…one thing is certain, all super heroes believe for something and go for it. (Its okay to exclude hancock)*smiles*



2. Join a Cause:

Super heroes walk their talk…they don’t just talk about desired possibilities or all the things they could do and become; they go out there and make it happen.

They support noble dreams and ideas, they take part to create the change they desire, they usually start or support a cause that stands for what they believe in.



3. Sacrifice:

Super heroes serve and give of themselves sacrificially. They give their time, energy, risk being destroyed by the enemy and even when they are not appreciated by others, they stay the cause, often bearing others before themselves.



4. Know their  worth: Super heroes know their value and they understand the extreme responsibility placed upon them, so they do their best to strengthen and develop themselves constantly in training, self development, constant research to latest skills/moves/technology in their areas of competence.



5. Don’t give up: Super heroes don’t quit,  they fight against all odds till the enemy is destroyed. They fight till the end and don’t stop till the battle is won.



So you have it…you’ve got what it takes to go for your dreams, rescue destiny and make a difference



© 2013 Tochi Eze

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