A few days ago, I felt like I needed to escape to get some solitude. For me, being stressed is not having enough time to think. You can’t imagine how I deeply cherish those periods of indulging in absolutely nothing. It has a way of  letting my creative juices flow freely.



Oh well, I didn’t have the luxury of an “alone time”, I had given myself to the frenzy of crazy deadlines, insatiable clients, friends who needed favours and family who just wanted me. I was like a bomb ticking on reserved energy, churning out article after article, copy after copy, strategy after strategy, feeding everyone and draining myself myself in the process.



The result? I shut down. My mind literally went on a blank screen mode. In the middle of a major project, I just froze out. No spark, No fire, No more ideas…it was just a blank page of Microsoft word in my head.



Truth is, everybody goes through that phase where you hit a brick wall due to stress or ideas simply elude you. But at those moments, clients still barge at your door, deadlines remain fixed and sadly, work must go on!



Here are a few pointers on what to do in order to get back on track when you have run out of ideas.





When it seems like you are in a rut and you don’t know what else to do, Just Stop! Simple! Don’t try, don’t persist.  To cease from that activity may seem counter productive to your deadline but I have come to realize that creativity strikes when we take our focus off the project at hand and re-channel it at a later time.





Depending on the project at hand, whether planning an event, designing a logo or writing a winning copy for an ad agency, when it seems you have run out of ideas, plunge into the archives of past work, jobs, articles. Revise, tweak, flesh up a bit and voila, work is as good as new. The best part is, acquainting your mind with past jobs will readily spark off your creative streak for latest project at hand.




Yep, give your a treat, there is nothing like a self pampering experience that leaves you feeling totally refreshed and re-fired. Most times, when I am stuck in a rut, a nap, time out with friends, a call to an old class mate or good ol food helps light the spark again. There are no fast rules, treat your body right and it will treat you right too.




Er, you know what else could work wonders to boost your creativity? Asking for help. Survey with friends and family, search Google, Pray Pray…outsource your fears, inspiration is all around you. In faith, In family, In friends! Draw Ideas from the wisdom and experiences of others.



There are no fast rules, bottom line is, learn to give yourself a break. Run out of ideas? Don’t sweat it, relax and it will all come back to you eventually…Hopefully :-)


How about you share with me how you cope when run out of ideas. Drop your comments, you never know who you would be helping.



© 2013 Tochi Eze

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